Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Kepada semua pecinta product Tupperware, satu party Tupperware akan diadakan seperti berikut;

Hari : Sabtu
Tarikh : 31 Oct 2009
Masa : 10:30 pg
Tempat : Tmn Bacang Baru.

Tiket hanya RM10, dpt tupperware eksklusif (barangan tupperware lebih rm10), sarapan, ade aktiviti game, cabutan bertuah dll. Sesiapa berminat , hubungi saya 0132967102.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hurry up while stocks last....

One Touch Bowl (2) 600ml
RM 29.80 Retail
RM 20.90 NOW
SAVE 30%

Tupperware Mega
Keeper (1) 19.5L
RM 119.80 Retail
RM 83.90 NOW
SAVE 30%

Spice It Up Set
Spice Set (4) 840ml
Medium Stor N Pour (2) 440ml
Large Stor N Pour (2) 650ml
Gift box
RM 141.00 Retail
RM 98.70 NOW
SAVE 30%

Essential Set
RM 193.00 Retail
RM 144.80 NOW
SAVE 25%

Santa Fe (3) 1.1L
RM 62.70 Retail
RM 43.90 NOW
SAVE 30%

Pack N Stor (2) 1.6L
RM 71.90 Retail
RM 46.70 NOW
SAVE 35%

Canister Medium (3) 3.5L
RM 119.40 Retail
RM 83.60 NOW
SAVE 30%

Wonderlier Bowl (3) 580ml
RM 48.60 Retail
RM 29.20 NOW
SAVE 40%

Cool N’ Retro (2) 400ml
RM 59.80 Retail
RM 53.80 NOW
SAVE 10%

1) C10444P
Skinlogics® Platinum
Moisturizer 100g
RM 65.00 Retail
RM 10.00 Nett
(expiring: 01/2010)

Skinlogics® Platinum
Tonic 200ml
RM 59.00 Retail
RM 10.00 Nett
(expiring: 01/2010)

Platinum Regeneration
Line Arrest 1.7g
RM 79.00 Retail
RM 19.00 Nett
(expiring: 12/2009)

Skin Strategies
Toning Eye Gel 25g
RM 43.00 Retail
RM 10.00 Nett
(expiring: 01/2010 - 03/2010)

Skin Strategies All
Over Wash - Hair &
Body 170g
RM 48.00 Retail
RM 12.00 Nett
(expiring: 02/2010)

Cell Block C (2) 28g
RM 104.00 Retail
RM 52.00 NOW
(expiring: 01/2010)

TDS Energizing Toning
Lotion 250ml
RM 86.00 Retail
RM 15.00 Nett

Eye Shadow -
Yin & Yang 8g
RM 56.00 Retail
RM 10.00 Nett
(expiring: 12/2009 - 05/2010)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Telur itik masak lemak cili padi...

First time masak telur itik....Ni la hasilnya...

Senang je nak masak telur itik ni...Macam masak lemak cili padi yg lain juga...Tapi nak bg ade rasa lebih skit letak anak ikan bilis...Bagi perasa je...Sedap!!!...Cuba la resepi ni...

1) 2 biji Bawang besar (bawang merah kecik pon ok)
2) 2biji bawang putih
3) 1 inci kunyit hidup
4) sedikit anak ikan bilis
5) Santan....
6) Belimbing buluh n tempe (optional)
7) Asam keping
8) Garam sekucup rasa....

Itu aje...rasa nak tambah serai pun bole....Cube la resepi ini.....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Join Tupperware....

Do you want to enjoy a discount off retail price on all Tupperware products??...
Come and join Tupperware today and you will get a starter kit at only rm60....

Started Kit consist of

1. 1 Kit Bag

2. Tupperware Business Opportunity Presentation DVD

3. Tupperware Business Opportunity of Choice Guide Books

4. FREE: Tupperware Modular Mates Oval II (1 set) + Modular Mates Round II (2 sets) [Worth RM47.10]

5. Others (order, product, membership list, calendar)

By becoming a Tupperware member a.k.a consultant, you’re entitled to purchase all Tupperware products at a discounted price (except nett price item).

If you’re interested to earn some money from Tupperware, then all you can do is to invite 2 other friends to join Tupperware. You’ll get more discount privilege and commission. But if you’re not interested, then it doesn’t matter.

Here at Tupperware Lovers we intend to bring Tupperware products & its sister brands like BeautiControl, NaturCare, TupperClean & TupperChef right to your door step.

Drop me a comment or email me if you’re interested to know more about Tupperware Membership.

To join Tupperware email me your information as below & I will direct you the payment information.

*Tupperware Malaysia membership is open to Malaysian only.

  • Name as in IC
  • Preferred Name on Authority Card
  • IC no.
  • Nationality
  • Race: Malay/Chinese/Indian/Others
  • Date of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Language Preferred: Malay/English/Mandarin
  • Postal Address
  • Mobile phone/house phone/office phone
  • Email

* You must purchase at least 1 Tupperware product when joining Tupperware.

You will receive member card & Inspira magazine delivered to your home from Tupperware HQ.

Tupperware life guarantee...

All Tupperware products are guaranteed against cracking, warping, peeling and chipping under normal domestic use. Where the actual product is not available for replacement, a comparable product replacement will be made, providing similar value and/or function. Should no suitable replacement be available, Tupperware will provide a full credit, to the value of the last recommended retail price of the product, towards future purchase(s) of Tupperware brand products.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Tupperware Campaign 1st Oct - 7th Nov 2009

This is the new tupperware campaign for this month...For tupperware lovers 'Grab it' now...
You'll find in this latest campaign color for Square Round Gift set, TIWI Thirstquencher & a new capacity & color for Garlic-N-All Keeper. Then there’s the lovely chili red Modular Mates Essential range promotion and more.

Modular Mates Essential Set
Retail: RM209.60
Now: RM167.70
Free FreezerMate Small I (2)

With every purchase of MM Essential Set:
MM Rectangular I
Retail: RM63.00
Now: RM43.90

Midgets with prints
Retail: RM25.50
Now: RM9.90nett

Salt N Spice Set
Retail: RM29.60
Now: RM26.60

Ezy Pour Set
Retail: RM98.00
Now: RM88.00

Multipurpose Shears
Retail: RM96.00

Can Opener
Retail: RM78.80

Season Serve
Retail: RM49.80

With every purchase of Salt N Spice Set or Ezy Pour Set:
Hot Tropic Spice Shaker
Retail: RM24.00
Now: RM6.90 nett

Garlic-N-All Keeper
Retail: RM74.90
Now: RM59.90

Free Red Hot Chili Keeper with every purchase of Garlic-N-All Keeper (2)

Cutting Board
Retail: RM39.80
Now: RM33.80

Retail: RM69.90
Now: RM52.40OT Topper Junior
Retail: RM29.80

OT Topper Small
Retail: RM19.80

OT Topper Medium
Retail: RM23.90

OT Topper Large
Retail: RM29.80

OT Canister Junior
Retail: RM21.90

OT Canister Small
Retail: RM27.30

OT Canister Medium
Retail: RM33.90

OT Canister Large
Retail: RM39.80

Giant Canister
Retail: RM59.90Sports Bottle
Retail: RM39.80

High Handolier with Pouch
Retail: RM52.90

Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch
Retail: RM39.20

Thirstbreak Tumbler
Retail: RM50.40

Beverage Buddy (Margarita/Cool Aqua)
Retail: RM36.30
Now: RM30.90

Outdoor Cooler
Retail: RM99.80

Small Goody Box with Cariolier
Retail: RM73.80

Retail: RM61.60
Now: RM49.30

Retail: RM69.80FridgeSmart Large (2)
Retail: RM157.60
Now: RM126.10

Modular Keeper with Grid
Retail: RM86.90

SpringFest Rounds
Retail: RM58.40
Now: RM43.80

Square Round 500ml
Retail: RM49.60

Square Round 880ml
Retail: RM68.00

Square Round 2L
Retail: RM66.90

Square Round Gift Set
Retail: RM169.00
Free Shallow Square Round (2)

Fridge Water Bottle (2)
Retail: RM79.80

With every purchase of Fridge Water Bottle (2):
Free Thirstbreak Tumbler

Ice Age 3 Tumblers Set A
Retail: RM34.90

Ice Age 3 Tumblers Set B
Retail: RM34.90

Ice Age 3 Tumblers Set A+B
Retail: RM69.80
Now: RM59.90

Handy Cool
Retail: RM59.80

Rectangular Water Container
Retail: RM94.20FreezerMate Essential Set
Retail: RM193.00
Now: RM154.40

FreezerMate Medium Set
Retail: RM154.30

FreezerMate Starter Set
Retail: RM105.00B2B Snack Stor
Retail: RM39.90

B2B Slice & Stor
Retail: RM59.80
Now: RM49.90

Tiwi Thirstquencher with strap
Retail: RM36.90
Now: RM32.90

With every purchase of Tiwi Thirstquencher with strap:
Citrus Juicer
Now: RM3.90 nettWater Dispenser
Retail: RM156.80

Outdoor Cooler
Retail: RM99.80

Small Goody Box with Cariolier
Retail: RM73.80

Retail: RM61.60
Now: RM49.30

Retail: RM69.80Microwaveable Rice Cooker
Retail: RM99.00
Free Rice Scoop

Rice Dispenser
Retail: RM288.00CrystalWave Pitcher
Retail: RM43.50
Now: RM34.80

CrystalWave Dish
Retail: RM36.90
Now: RM29.50

CrystalWave Soup Mug
Retail: RM38.80

Reheatable Lunch Mate
Retail: RM43.90

Reheatable Divided Lunch Box
Retail: RM39.90Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set
Retail: RM165.00

Legacy Floria Bowls
Retail: RM25.60

Legacy Floria Plates
Retail: RM44.80

Giant Pitcher
Retail: RM64.80

Legacy Floria Tumblers
Retail: RM36.40
Now: RM29.10TupperChef Wok
Retail: RM459.00

TupperChef Fryer with Glass Cover
Retail: RM273.00

With every purchase of TupperChef product:
B2B Kitchen Scale Timer
Now: RM9.90 nettWith every purchase of Tupperware Brands products worth RM250.00
Only available from 1st October – 18th October:
Green Paring Knife
Now: RM9.90 nett

Green Paring Knife + Flexi Cutting Mats (2)
Now: RM18.90 nett

Only available from 19th October – 7th November:
Yellow Paring Knife
Now: RM9.90 nett

Yellow Paring Knife + Flexi Cutting Mats (2)
Now: RM18.90 nett

To join Tupperware member, please call me..or email me at or 0132967102..